Woman slams Sainsbury’s for ‘highly offensive’ tweet – it’s not what it seems

Sainsbury’s has come under fire after a customer accused it of being “highly offensive” – but things aren’t what they seem.

The altercation recently took place on Twitter, after a customer asked the store for information on their face mask policy.

New rules put in place by the government say that face coverings must be worn in enclosed public spaces such as shops and supermarkets, banks and building societies, takeaways and shopping centres – and those who don’t abide by this will have to pay a fine of £100.

In response to the request Sainsbury’s explained: ”We won’t be challenging customers without a mask when they enter or when they are in store since they may have a reason not to wear a mask. Karen.”

And this is where things get a little awkward.

Another potential customer then commented on the tweet, despite the fact it wasn’t aimed at her, slamming the supermarket for being “highly offensive”.

She said: “Highly offensive putting Karen at the end…stick it.”

However, the name Karen used in the tweet was actually an employee who was signing off.

Sainsbury’s replied: “Hi Carolyn, sorry for the confusion.

“Karen is the name of the colleague who responded to the query. Andy” – oops.

Fellow Twitter users found the ordeal hilarious and was quick to share their amusement.

One said: “Would have been even better if it was Karen who replied again.”

Another added: “Misread this and genuinely thought the Sainsburys Twitter was calling someone a Karen.”

GOV.UK says some people are exempt from wearing a face mask.

For example, if you have a physical, mental illness or disability, are under the age of 11, if it causes you severe distress or if you are assisting someone who relies on lip reading as communication.