Joe Douglas vouches for Woody Johnson, via Christopher Johnson

Beyond issuing a statement regarding owner Woody Johnson’s allegedly inappropriate workplace comments made while serving as U.S. ambassador to Great Britain, no one from the Jets said anything about the situation before Monday.

Via Rich Cimini of ESPN, G.M. Joe Douglas vouched for Woody Johnson, by passing along something that Woody’s brother, Christopher, told Douglas.

Specifically, Christopher told Douglas that Woody “would never make comments like that of any sort.” Christopher, who has been running the team in Woody’s absence, also said “that’s not what we’re about and that’s not what the Johnson family is about.”

It’s an unusual way to handle it, since Douglas is in no position to comment one way or the other on whatever Woody did or didn’t say or would or wouldn’t do. And if Christopher wants to vouch for his brother, why not hold a press conference and answer questions about the situation?

Last week, CNN reported — citing multiple unnamed sources — that Woody Johnson had made racist and sexist remarks in his assignment with the State Department.

Meanwhile, the NFL has still not responded to an inquiry regarding whether the situation will be investigated by the league. Given the league’s aggressive position when dealing with players accused of off-field misconduct, it’s always interesting to see whether the same standards will apply to non-players, and particularly to owners.