Mum shares McDonald’s Happy Meal box hack using ‘secret tab’ and parents love it

A mum who revealed a simple trick with a McDonald’s Happy Meal box has seen the clip go viral – and other parents can’t believe they didn’t know it before.

Happy Meals are always the go-to choice for little ones but digging around in the box for food and the all-important toy can leave their hands (and clothes) covered in grease.

But one mum has uploaded a short clip to TikTok to show other parents a far easier and cleaner way to use the box, using a tab on the side that we never knew existed.

Parent @Mumlifemylife uploaded the video with the caption: “Life hack – don’t forget to pull the tab on the Happy Meal box” and has seen it rack up almost one million views.

It shows a tab that runs along the bottom of the box, which separates it from the top half and leaves behind the perfect disposable plate.

The food contents of the Happy Meal fit perfectly inside meaning little ones can dig in without tipping the box up as they struggle to reach the bottom.

And it turns out employees at the fast food chain were unaware of the hack, as one person commented: “I WORKED at McDonald’s and never knew about this.”

Some users argued it’s only a feature on the current Trolls themed boxes but others argued: “Not true! It’s on every box” as people claimed they had been using it for years.

One mum said: “I am almost 40 and just finding this out!! I will be using this with my four-year-old.”

A second person said: “Enjoying my Happy Meal in the car as a kid could have been much easier if I knew this.”

Another said: “OMG this is going to be so useful with our four boys!”